RoboSnail™ is the first and only fully automated aquarium glass cleaner in the world today! The RoboSnail was engineered according to the highest standards, utilizing and developing state-of-the-art technology and quality components that create a product unsurpassed by conventional existing manual cleaners. The RoboSnail™ was designed by an aquarium keeper for an aquarium keeper. It’s a superior quality product that offers simplicity and ease for the aquarium enthusiast.


The RoboSnail is ideal for home use, and the business place as well. Locations such as hotels, offices, and restaurants can each benefit and allow you to focus on the business at hand and not your dirty aquarium. RoboSnail saves you time and money.


The RoboSnail is an automated glass cleaner that prevents algae build up on the aquariums surface. This is accomplished by the RoboSnail’s unique ability to clean the aquarium’s surface once a day without user intervention. The constant preventative cleaning performed by the RoboSnail stops algae from taking hold on the aquarium surface. At first, it is almost invisible. But as it builds up on the aquarium surface over time, it progressively becomes more difficult to remove. Long periods of neglect result in stubborn coralline algae, as found in marine tanks, or a hazy, unsightly build up that can be found in all aquariums. Since more effort is needed to remove it, the result can be a scratching of the aquarium surface and longer, more difficult maintenance sessions.


AquaGenesis International has been founded on the premise that we are here to revolutionize the tedious and time consuming task of maintaining and keeping aquariums. We are dedicated to producing a line of technologically advanced, quality products that will fundamentally change the way aquariums are maintained. We look forward to developing and redeveloping products that are far more sophisticated, cost effective, and efficient than what is currently available on the market.


We hope the introduction of the RoboSnail will change the way you think about aquarium maintenance and dispel the notion that keeping an aquarium as a hobby is too much work. We believe the RoboSnail does just this and look forward to servicing your product needs.


Let a RoboSnail automatic aquarium glass cleaner transport you to the future of aquarium maintenance, which fortunately for us is today.

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