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RoboSnail ups its auto-algae cleaning ability to 1/2" thick glass

The RoboSnail has become the 'Roomba' of cleaning aquarium glass and

as of today, we can look forward to the RoboSnail working on even larger aquariums. AquaGenesis, maker of the RoboSnail is announcing a new higher capacity RoboSnail model to compliment the existing model which will be capable of holding onto, and cleaning, glass with a thickness of up to half an inch thick, thats 12mm for the rest of the world.

Whereas the current RoboSnail tops out at cleaning glass that is 10mm thick and services tanks up to 125 gallons, the new higher capacity RoboSnail's 12mm ability will open up the floodgates of larger tanks that it can clean including "standard" 150, 175 and 180 gallon tanks. Some of the larger All In One Aquariums like the Innovative Marine Nuvo 80 and Red Sea MAX S 400 and 500 will also be serviceable by the new beefier RoboSnail.

Getting the RoboSnail to clean glass up to 12mm thick took quite a lot of re-engineering but AquaGenesis was able to use the same size shells for the RoboSnail while keeping the price relatively affordable. The new stronger RoboSnail is available to preorder now for $349 and will begin shipping in July this summer.

...Read MORE

Simple Tips for
Making ReefKeeping Easier

Mike Paletta introduces RoboSnail

Mike Paletta renowned aquarist and author:

"The RoboSnail is a great new tool used in maintaining your aquarium glass from all types of algae build up and it is a state of the art new technology that we could have only dreamed of years ago. " The RoboSnail also offers other benefits other than keeping your glass clear of algae. It will save you both time and money by preventing possilble coral loss due to poor visiblilty into the tank. Being able to see corals that may have fallen over or on to other corals is now more easily prevented through increased visibility especially in between cleaning . It also can help reduce animal waste levels in the aquarium by reducing the amount of algae eating animals necessary for an aquarium. This is a great product and will make an excellent addition or gift for the aquarium hobbyist by making life a bit easier."


Timecode 09:45

In this video, we discuss simple tips that will help save you time while keeping up with your saltwater and coral reef aquarium.

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RoboSnail: A Robotic Aquarium Cleaner that Scoops-up Slime? Yes!
11 Nov, 2013 by Max Kaiser in DESIGN

Most folks can probably agree that it has been fun watching the progression of affordable domestic robots evolve in the post-millennium era. Undoubtedly, it is becoming increasingly conventional to employ automated machines to facilitate routine tasks that would have been manual ones not ten years ago. However, it is still fairly uncommon to find free-range robotic devices in the home-setting, aside from the occasional iRobot Roomba. But as we all know, other domestic robots are certainly out there—it is mostly a matter of balancing their practicality with their price points that is preventing them from gaining a greater footing in the household environment.

One of the funkier robots that I have come across recently is the RoboSnail from AquaGenesis. Like many affordable consumer robots, the RoboSnail is designed to do just one simple task: removing the algae from the inside wall of your fish tank. At $299 dollars, it is certainly an investment, but having been designed for aquariums 55-150 gallons in size, it might be a worthy one considering the costs and hassles that many aquarists have come to know all-too-well in maintaining their setups.

The construction of the RoboSnail is pretty simple—the actual robot itself is a two-part mechanism, the guts and motors of which remain in a chassis on the outside of the tank, while the cleaning mechanism is on the inside, bound to the external component by magnets. The device stays on the tank vertically and, like many newer floor-cleaning robots, it returns to its externally-mounted charging station at the end of each cleaning cycle.

The RoboSnail programs itself using basic geometry and trig to calculate the size and shape of your tank, as well as its best course-of-action plan for cleaning it. The device features a single programming button which tells the bot to calibrate, and the same button can also be used to tell it to function manually. Typically, the RoboSnail is intended to function as a set-it-and-leave-it machine, going about its routine once-daily, on a twenty-four-hour cycle. ...Read MORE

RoboSnail touches down at PFK
Copyright © Nathan Hill

Tank cleaners beware, there's a new robot in town, and it's going to take your jobs away.

We've been following this one for a while now, and I was pleasantly surprised when a shiny, brand new RoboSnail turned up in the post from our friends over at Maidenhead Aquatics.

Is it self-aware? I don't know, because I haven't plugged it in yet. I've seen videos of these devices in action, periodically hopping out from their recharge point to give the front pane a thorough once over, before retiring themselves back to their power source.

I'm dying to put this one through its paces, so I've drafted in the help of fishkeeping's very own anonymous Stig to test it – to death if that's what's required.

First thoughts? It's smart. Not as heavy as I thought it would be, it has adjustments for glass thickness, and most of all it doesn't look like it needs endless bothersome programming before it agrees to even turn on.

Is it worth the £249.99 asking price? Good question. Currently I don't know. It feels like it's worth it, but the proof will be very much in the pudding.

In the meantime, I've half a mind to charge it up and let it roam around on the floor so I can wander about in skin tight lycra and get all Buck Rogers for a bit.

Watch this space. And if you just can't wait and need one for yourself, get down to Maidenhead Aquatics and buy one, and tell me what you think of it.

AquaGenesis International RoboSnail Automated Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner
© Doctors Foster and Smith, Inc.

The future of aquarium maintenance is here!

AquaGenesis International RoboSnail Automated Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner is the world's first fully automatic aquarium glass cleaner engineered according to the highest standards, utilizing and developing state-of-the-art technology and quality components. After initial preparation of the aquarium glass surface and simple programming, the RoboSnail Automated Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner provides daily preventative cleaning to stop algae from taking hold on your aquarium glass surface.

AquaGenesis International RoboSnail Automated Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner activates automatically once a day, requiring no input by the operator. Advanced custom-engineered CPU can sense the aquarium top, left, and right edges to calculate the appropriate cleaning pattern. Once finished, the RoboSnail returns to the home base location for charging where it remains until the next cleaning cycle in 24 hours. If necessary, activate the RoboSnail manually to ensure the cleanest, clearest view of your aquarium.

The RoboSnail is ideal for freshwater or marine home aquariums as well as aquariums located at businesses, hotels, offices, restaurants or anywhere reliable, automated aquarium maintenance is desired. RoboSnail Automated Aquarium Glass Cleaner measures 5" x 3.88" x 2.25" high.

Aquarium Robot launched by AquaGenesis

The RoboSnail the world's first and only automated aquarium glass cleaner is taking aim at modernizing the daily maintenance of algae prevention

Tropical Fish Magizine

San Diego, CA - April 22, 2013 - Aquagenesis International Inc. ( has created a new innovation for the aquarium industry, a magnetic robotic algae cleaning device called the RoboSnail™ for automating the daily maintenance of cleaning aquarium glass surfaces from algae build up.

The RoboSnail, an automated Robotic aquarium magnet, will activate independent of the user every 24 hour period to prevent the daily buildup of aquarium algae much like the robotic vacuum cleaners that have become prevalent. The RoboSnail cleans the glass surface and upon completion of its cleaning cycle will then recharge itself via a docking station until its next cleaning cycle. The product is fully programmable for the user's individual aquariums parameters. The RoboSnail works on Rimless, In Wall mounted, and standard aquariums. The RoboSnail is capable to clean the glass of aquariums ranging from 55-150 gallons with an upper operating tolerance of .40" or 10mm in glass thickness. Subsequent models will follow that will work on a broader selection of aquariums.

"With the RoboSnail, aquarium owners will appreciate that their investment in an aquarium provides a clear peaceful view of a calming underwater atmosphere as opposed to a reminder of another cleaning chore that needs to be done" says Milan Rafailovich, President of AquaGenesis.

The RoboSnail's is the only robotic device in the aquarium industry. AquaGenesis International was founded to revolutionize the tedious and time consuming task of maintaining and keeping aquariums. The RoboSnail is currently available for purchase both in the US and Europe.

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RoboSnail glass-cleaning aquarium robot
is real and coming very soon

The RoboSnail from AquaGenesis first hit the interwebz over two years ago but it’s only recently that more details about this ingenious device

came to light. At MACNA in Dallas this weekend we got to see, touch and feel a real live RoboSnail in the flesh, firmly pulling it away from the VaporWare precipice on which it seemed to be perched.

After our first examination of the RoboSnail and taking in all of its 10+ sensors we can see how this invention took “so long” to design and engineer. Four sensors keep the RoboSnail from rolling off the glass, three sensors detect frames and trim, two sensors keep a lock on the X-Y orientation and an infra red sensor guides the RoboSnail back to its charging dock/station. 

Milan of AquaGenesis introduced the RoboSnail to us and gave us a quick demo of how easy it is to setup the programming on this Aquarium version of a Roomba. You’d think that telling the RoboSnail how to clean the entire glass would be difficult using only one button but besides waiting a few minutes for the robotic aquarium cleaner to map out the height and length of the front pane of glass you literally only have to press “the” button three times.

...kind of feels like we have our own “flying car” from the future. ...Read MORE

The AquaGenesis RoboSnail Cleaning Some
Aquarium Glass in Person

Posted on October 2nd, 2012 by: Brandon Klaus
The RoboSnail is a product that’s been in the making for a while, and after a couple of years of impatiently waiting for its release, we finally get to see

one in the flesh here at MACNA. AquaGenesis, the brains behind the RoboSnail, have a booth here at the show and their robotic snails can be seen doing what they do best, slowly making their way back and forth across the aquarium while cleaning the glass. These Roomba-like aquarium cleaners attach to the aquarium like most algae magnets, but instead of requiring hobbyists to spend countless hours each week cleaning the glass, the RoboSnail does it while your at work, eating dinner, or spending time with the family. It essentially removes a very tedious task from your to-do list, freeing you up to do other things like actually enjoying your aquarium.
...Read MORE

RoboSnail (the lazy mans and my new glass cleaner)
(Making your hobby more enjoyable)

I have a long running passion for salt water aquariums and my 275 gallon tank is the centerpiece of my living room. The number of aquarium accessories and equipment on the market can be a bit overwhelming and many of them fall short of the claims they make. Despite weighing the pros and cons of RoboSnail, I held off on making the investment. Just after the holidays, I pulled the trigger on the RoboSnail purchase.



Initial install and setup took less than 20 minutes. There is a small switch on the bottom of the drive unit used to select the glass thickness. After placing that switch in the correct position for my tank I parked the drive unit in the charging station for the recommended 24 hour charge.

Once the indicator light turned green (red while charging) I pressed the large button on the front to program the unit. Programming was as simple as pushing the button twice and took less than 5 minutes.

RoboSnail now cleans the front of my tank once a day. As an officer with the fire service my tank would often go up to 48 hours without a glass cleaning. Many times this would be enough time for the more stubborn algae to take hold. No longer! My RoboSnail maintains this tank everyday without fail.

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