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RoboSnail® Quick Start Guide

Maximum  glass  pane thickness should not exceed 0.40” (10mm) glass thickness.

The RoboSnail from AquaGenesis!
This state-of-art product is capable of cleaning
the front viewing glass of varying sized aquariums by itself.

Regardless if your aquarium is constructed with a standard black-banded support brace, rimless, installed in open area, or in-wall this product will work for you .

This Quick Start Guide will help you install your RoboSnail and get it cleaning.

You will also need to know if this product is suited for your aquariums glass thickness. Please refer to the recommended operating parameters of the RoboSnail for more details. Maximum glass pane thickness should not exceed 0.40" (10mm) glass thickness.

Prior to initial use there are just a few simple steps you will go through:
1. Install the docking station with guide arms on the aquarium.
2. Fully charge the battery pack before use.
3. Program RoboSnail.
4. Start your RoboSnail to conduct a manual cleaning or simply wait for the 24-hour count-down cycle to complete for initial automatic cleaning.

For more information about using the RoboSnail, download the English version of the Quick Start Guide PDF here in our website. Other languages available soon.